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In the online marketing space, everybody loves the quick win. 



Cool Internet Marketing was founded in 2019 by Fiona and Mark. We decided to start our online business, as a husband and wife team, after Fiona quit her full time job in Education, whilst Mark continued his work on projects within the NHS here in the UK.

Back in 2019, Fiona and Mark decided to focus on providing business software and tools for people running their online media activity and those who work from home businesses. We also provide appropriate information to aid those people starting their online business for the first time. The products we recommend in Cool Internet Marketing are products that we use in our business and additionally products from vendors, that we know and trust.

We realised that in the Internet marketing space, there are many products to choose from, but knowing which digital products will benefit you and your business, and away from the hype and noise, can be daunting to those people who are navigating their online journey, for the first time. 

We provide unbiased advice, on selected products on this site, which will inform your decision making. What should matter most is that, the majority of these products, we use in our own business.


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