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This is a product review of  Vidnami, the best online video making software Vidnami for 2021. If you are looking for the best online video making app, then look no further than this software. Vidnami is an online video creation software. At present video is becoming the key method to absorb content for education, instruction and sharing useful information.

Explainer videos are becoming easier to produce as the technology becomes simplified and advanced, thus having a massive impact in the video creation arena. We have been using the Vidnami software in our business for the last two years, helping local clients.

Image of Vidnami Video Content Creation App

If you are looking to make high quality videos that shorten your learning curve then Vidnami offers the best option. It is the best software for individual business owners, entreprenuers, those running a business from home and it’s also the best video creation platform for businesses and agencies.

The Vidnami software makes it super fast and easy to produce a single video in minutes, rather than days. Vidnami is an online app and therefore does not consume your computer resources locally, which is great news if you have a older PC or laptop.

Vidnami is for people who want to create videos and are passionate about developing and growing their brand.

People want an efficient way to create high quality videos, that saves time and money and shortens the learning process.


Vidnami is the video creation app of choice, for developing your brand quickly!

In this Vidnami review, to provide a balanced view, the Vidnami software may not be right for you. If your aim is to create just a one-off video, or you don’t have a long term vision of growing your brand or media channel.

It may also be that you are not interested in creating good quality videos, or perhaps you it will be challenging, or believe that video creation is really difficult. You have to be focused in knowing your strategy for using a video creation application and the many benefits it will bring to your brand and online business in the months ahead.

What we like about Vidnami, is that it is a great online video creation software, it’s easy to use and it’s a point and click video maker. When I got started with Vidnami, I just watched a video clip to gain an understanding and soon, by playing with the software, you get to know and realize, what a delight Vidnami is to use. Definitely no upfront experience is required, to get started and by the way, its a fun way to begin your video creation journey.

When you log into the software you are taken straight to the Dashboard. You have to click the ‘Create a new Video’ button to get started.  See image below. 

Image of Vidnami Dashboard


The system then offers you different styles of templates to choose from, the choice is yours. Vidnami gives you the choice to use landscape or square video formats depending on your social media preferences. The video styles include:

  • Presenter
  • Instant Ad
  • Sales Video
  • Course/Training
  • Property

See image below

Image of Vidnami Templates and Format Types


You can also create custom templates, especially if you want to brand to a certain colour and theme and want to use the same template over again. See images below.


Image of Vidnami Custom Templates1
Image of Vidnami Custom Templates2

The features we also liked about the software:

  • Which is the best video making app? Vidnami is the best online video creation software.
  • The technology is well supported by the Noble Samurai team.
  • There are new features added to the software continually.
  • In 2021, they launched product review video templates.
  • Recently they also launched vertical videos for Instagram, Tik-Tok and Facebook.
  • Creating professional looking high quality videos, has never been so easy!
  • The steps towards creating a video are laid out in a logical format and easy to follow along.
  • Many of the assets are already provided such as: Images, Video clips, Background music and Automated voice-overs.
  • The software has a nice feature, to speed up your voice, to sound ‘exciting’ rather than monotone.
  • In case you have to leave a video project midway the system stores your latest work.
  • You can come back at a later time to finish off your video.
  • The original copy of the video is always stored on the Vidnami system.
  • You can download the finished video at anytime.
  • You can create your own templates with your signature colour theme.
  • You can clone previously created videos, if wanted to use a particular style and format.
  • There are a broad variety of templates you can choose from.
  • Vidnami also provide you with assets, which is amazing! You can choose from a range of video clips, images, sound tracks or upload your own assets.

See image below highlighting the available assets

Image of Vidnami Assets


What we don’t like about Vidnami and there are small tweaks, they as a product owner have to consider, but all products have positives and negatives and that goes for Vidnami too! Saying that the negatives are minor, but when you produce many videos like we do for our clients, then the small development tweaks do matter.

For example when you log into the system, be careful, as the software does not automatically default to ‘all videos’. I have fallen for this before thinking, ‘where has all my hard work disappeared to?’ Only to find that when I last used the system, the Vidnami software remained in the folder that I was working on and did not default to ‘all videos’.

That’s why when you get started for the first time, this is not an issue, it does become a slight nuisance, once you have created afew videos. So make sure when you are viewing your videos on Vidnami, that the ‘all videos’ option has been selected. See image below.


Image of Vidnami product development tweak1


Another minor tweak we would like to see, is when you come back to create another video, you will see all the videos that you have created, and you may decide to clone an existing video that you want to use again.

When you do this, unfortunately the ‘cloned’ video takes the same title description as the original version, and although it is marked as ‘clone’ it is in Black and White, as the cloned video template should revert to a new ‘xxx’ untitled format, encouraging the user to rename the cloned video, with a new title asap.

A bright highlight colour, around the actual chosen template would be really useful, so that you know exactly, what video you are working on, especially on occasions, when ‘burning the midnight oil’ to get stuff done, and tiredness creeps in.  That’s when the highlight colour frame, would stand-out more than just plain Black & White text. See images below.

Image of Vidnami product development tweak2


Next  select ‘Clone’ 

Image of Vidnami product development tweak3
Image of Vidnami product development tweak4


The Ai automated voices available on Vidnami are reasonable and am sure in future software update the Ai voices will get better and its not a problem when creating a lot of automated video’s. However, a suggestion for your personal branding, I would recommend that you record your own voice and upload it onto Vidnami. This is important and something to note, especially when you are developing your own brand, using your own voice is vital, so that people get to know you.

At  this point, you may be wondering what is the cost of using this best video creation software for beginners and experienced media creators? You are fortunate, that at this time Vidnami is available with a 25% discount at $35/month. You will be challenged to find a better video software that creates high quality, professional looking videos, at this price. But also bear in mind that this is a time limited offer. We don’t know how long this special offer will last for as that depends on the software vendor.

In summary – Vidnami is the best video content creation software, that is well maintained by the team at Vidnami, who are continuously pushing on with more end user friendly features. Within the software, the majority of assets are already provided, which saves the friction point of having to organise your own assets, before creating a video. Vidnami does it seamlessly, as it is a high quality online best video making software.

We would definitely give Vidnami a 9 out of 10 rating.

If you intend to create a lot of good quality videos, to promote your product, service or personal brand, or increase your brand awareness,  then Vidnami is your video creation software of choice. As video becomes the key method of consuming information quickly and easily, the limited time offer, provides you with the opportunity to reach your goals.

Over the last 15 months, I have seen prices of video creation software increase exponentially. The key to bear in mind, when investing in a video creation software, is whether the software is continually being developed to make it better and better. The price for video creation tools is only going to increase, as video is the core way people are communicating nowadays. 

As mentioned this is a limited time offer, if you come back at a later date and click the link and the price has increased, then you have missed out on the special offer. In case that happens, I still recommend getting on-board, to access one of of the most robust video creation platforms in the online space.


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