The World Wide Web can be Confusing, Daunting and an Expensive Enterprise for those just beginning their journey Online. At Cool Internet, our aim is to present some of the choices available for the different stages of your Adventure into the World of the Internet: E-commerce or Launching your Personal Brand. Click on the Video to find out more and…



What we do

Creating your Optimised Web Presence is the best and easiest way to Launch  yourself and your services.

Begin your online journey, by having an Optimised Web Presence that converts visitors into sales.

Why we are different

Encouraging New Ideas and presenting solutions to those who just do not know how or where to start their journey.

‘Overwhelm’ is the biggest enemy and at Coolinternet, we want to reduce that element, so that you can see your way clear to making informed decisions.

How to brand yourself online can be a daunting task, we simplify the process and make the process easy and fun.

There are useful products listed on this site that can aid your online presence, which we use in our business.

Video creation, provides the opportunity to get your message out easily and to a broader audience


Cool Internet Marketing – Created With You in Mind! Dedicated to Providing the best Tools and Information  for Your Online needs.

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